Proudly Presenting...

2017 Mason Chandler Allen

Student Humanitarian Award Winners

Valerie Benson, Carl Sandburg Middle School $100 Savings Bond

Dominika Burkiewicz, Neshaminy High School

$250 College Scholarship

Amelia Schaller, Albert Schweitzer Elementary

$50 Savings Bond

“Being selecting for the Mason Chandler Allen Student Humanitarian Award is an extreme honor and has given me more motivation to excel and encourage others to help in their communities.”

- Dominika Burkiewicz

“Thank you for this award, I feel so honored. I knew Mason from not only from Carl Sandburg but also Stay n Play Daycare that we both attended. I remember that he was so full of life and kind hearted. We will miss him!”

- Valerie Benson

“I am so excited to be be chosen for the Mason Allen Award! I hope to
help kids be nice, kind, and not bully, then the world may be just a
little bit nicer!”

- Amelia Schaller